hey, i'm megan

and I'm so glad you're here

a few things that define who I am

If it's an adventure you're seeking, count me in. I'm drawn to the forest - the vast country fields and the waters edge. I feel my truest when I'm outdoors.

I believe in embracing the real, authentic moments in life. I'm passionate about being kind - loving deeply and taking life slow.

I'm most proud of my marriage. I sometimes think people assume I'd say I'm most proud of being a mother, but having a strong foundation in my marriage is what keeps me strong, and in turn, the rest of my life flourishes - including motherhood.

I'm as simple as they come. I take joy in my morning coffee, Sunday snuggles with my boys, and falling asleep while reading a good book.

I feel deeply. There's been more than one occasion where I've started tearing up while photographing a loving couple/family. I live my life with gratitude and sometimes that feeling is overwhelmingly powerful.

I know I am enough. I spend most of my early 20's trying to figure out what path I should be on - but the truth is, I was travelling it in the first place. Along the way I found what it means to truly believe in self love, self care and self worth.

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For as long as I can remember,

I've always felt I see the world differently than most.


I see light, depth, emotion - and with each image, I seek to capture those elements. Whether it's two people in love, a family welcoming their newborn into the world or a woman - strong and worthy in her own skin; photography has effortlessly become my most powerful outlet. I flourish from moments of joy, laughter - of love. Being able to document pieces of human life - milestones, victories - has strengthened my worth as an individual, and why I live my life with the utmost of gratitude.