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Megan + Devon | Date Night Session | Chickakoo Lake - Parkland County, AB

If you are ever lucky enough to spend some time with these two, you will instantly be in a good mood. From the minute I met Megan and Devon, I knew that we were going to have a lot of laughs, and I was going to capture some incredible moments full of love. And that is exactly what we did. We met up on a Wednesday at Chickakoo Lake, AB. If you're from Edmonton/Spruce Grove area and you haven't been there - you need to check it out. There is oodles of trails for different skill levels, a few different lakes, and you can totally bring your pups along. We ventured through the trails and chatted about their relationship and what the last 8 years have been like together. I swear to you - photographing them, I would have thought they were still in the newlywed stage of their relationship. From little giggles, hair sweeps, nose kisses and warm embraces. These two acted as if I wasn't even there. It always makes me feel so good when my couples fully trust in me and our time together. Instead of making it just a photo shoot, they embrace that one on one time with each other and snuggle in close to make memories and fill their hearts with gratitude. I couldn't be more happy that the universe brought me to Megan and Devon and I was able to capture a part of their love story. The way they talked and looked at each other had me feeling ALLL the feels. I can't wait until our paths cross again. Thank you Megan and Devon for a beautiful evening of adventure together.

Side Note: It was a beautiful evening so I decided to wear shorts and my birks. Smart thinking for me, I got sooo consumed with shooting these two that I knelt down in stinging nettle. If you don't know what that is, google it. Let's just say the lower half of my legs stung for 24 hours straight. Lesson learned. I will now always wear pants and close-toed shoes to my sessions no matter the temperature.

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