• Megan Good

Nicole + Clayton | Date Night | Derwent, Alberta

Where do I even start with these two? I guess I'll start with how we became connected. I met Nicole May of 2018 at the Real Adventures Workshop in Drumheller, Alberta. Instantly from meeting Nicole I knew that she was my kind of human. Compassionate, loving, generous and so creatively driven. Since the workshop we've stayed in contact and it's been so amazing to watch her grow as a photographer. Fast forward to this past summer and Nicole reached out to me asking if she could get some couple's photos done of her and her man, Clayton. I shrieked when I read her email and instantly said YES! Turns out her family farm isn't too far from where my spent most of my childhood - Two Hills, Alberta, at my own family's farm. It was meant to be and we spent one of the most beautiful Fall evenings together wandering the vast fields and laughing out butts off.

I met Nicole + Clayton at Derwent, Alberta before we headed off to her farm. If you've never heard of Derwent - it's a small Hamlet right off of Highway 45 on the way to Lloydminster. They're known for famous pub-style pizza and these islands that look like they are right out of Gilligan's Island. We climbed to the top of one, ventured to the bottom the these two snuggled up on every in-between moment these could. If there is one thing I could say about these two after spending the evening together - it would be that they compliment each other perfectly. From sweet kisses full of love, and so, so many authentic moments of laughter. I know these two share something that is genuine. I'm so grateful to have been able to photograph a piece of their story, and capture moments for them that will last a lifetime.

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