• Megan Good

Richel + Jerome | Engaged | St. Paul, AB

From the moment Richel + I first connected, I know that she was someone who would be much more than just a client, but a friend. Back and forth through emails, and skype calls - getting to know Richel and hearing how passionate she was about her love for her fiance was one of the biggest things that drew me to here and made my heart scream YES. This past summer the three of us got together to hang out and get to know each other more. As soon as I met Jerome, I could see exactly why Richel had such a positive outlook on life. These two were full of those giddy, 'i love you, i love you, i love you' feelings and couldn't stop smiling when they talked about one another. I left them that day so excited about their wedding and crossing my fingers, and toes in hopes that they felt the same way about me. A couple days later I got an email saying they were ready to book me for their wedding in 2019 and I was thrilled! Now take you to their egagement photos this October and I fell even more in love with these two. Their home, the place they will say their 'i do's' at next August, was the perfect place to set the mood for some amazing photos. Richel said she wanted to do a little picnic, so that's exactly what we did. It was romantic, and fun, and embraced every single ounce of who these two are - and how much love they share for one another. I always ask my couples about what they love to do together - so that when we do their engagement photos - it's personal to them, and speaks volumes to the love they share in exactly that moment. From the brand of beer they love to drink together - to Jerome's Grandpa's grain truck. This evening was all about them, and it filled my heart right to the brim. I can't wait to adventure with these two next August.

HUGE thank you to my sweet friend Brittany from Brittany Mahe Photography for helping me out with this shoot and bouncing ideas off of one another. I can't wait to have her second shoot their wedding with me next year!

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