• Megan Good

The Semple's | Family Session | Westlock, AB

The Semple's. When I think about these four and our time together, I can't help but crack the BIGGEST smile on my face. They are adventurous, comedic, full of love and oh-so fun. These four had me out to their temporary home this past Fall and I couldn't feel more grateful to have connected with them. When I say 'temporary' home - I mean that they currently live about 2 miles from where they are building their forever home. Jamie and Chris grew up in Westlock but with Chris' work, they found themselves living in Hinton for quite some time and building their business there. When the opportunity came up to move back home and build their dream house, they couldn't say no to being closer to their family and dear friends. It's been a work in progress for over a year - and hopefully they will be in my Christmas but for the time being, they are enjoying being down the road in a beautiful mobile home amoungst farmer's fields and old dirt roads. Crazily enough, the property that they are building their dream home - is the place where my husband and I had our wedding photos done. It's beautiful! With a big creek and valley in the backyard, uber long driveway. It's truly incredible and I can't wait to see it once it's done. These four were kind enough to spend some time with me adventuring the land they live on now and it was everything my heart needed. They were actually only about a 5 minute drive from my house and when you live in the country, that basically makes us neighbours. The boys showed me all of their cool fort spots, and they cuddled up to their family dog and gave him some pretty big snuggles as they know he is getting older. Our session ended with trying to catch the farm cats for some photos but we were unsuccessful. It was fun, and full of love - thank you Semple Family for the wonderful evening!

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