• Megan Good

Courtney + Sean | Couple's Session | Westlock, AB

If I could think what a perfect autumn evening feels like - it would be this. Tailgate cuddles, wheat fields, stormy skies, country tunes and some come brews. Every time I look at these images it gives me all the feels of gratitude to be able to call this my backyard and to also be able to photograph amazing couples like these two here. Courtney is one of my long time friends from high school. We've connected throughout the years mostly over snowmobiling and being badass women in a man's sport. But spending time with here this evening, finally meeting her man Sean and watching the two of them giggle like they were in middle school was the sweetest thing. Courtney and Sean both work shift work which means that their quality time together is extra important in how they spend it. Knowing that they will forever have these images from this fall evening together fills my heart. If I could say one thing about what I learned from these two, it's that live shouldn't be taken too seriously. Live in the moment, make each day count. Especially with the ones we love. I know how it feels all too well with having my husband work shift work away about just how important it is to realized that life happens FOR us, not TO us. Meaning - we always have a choice. To love deeply, to live passionately, and to never settle for anything less than something (or someone) that makes you feel like the best version of yourself when you're together. That is exactly these two. Their kind, but also playful in a way that shares their gratitude and love for one another. So thank you, Courtney + Sean. Thank you for being you - for reminding me of the important things in life. Oh, and for sharing your beers with me. I will forever be obsessed with you two.

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