• Megan Good

Client Connection: The Photographer Beyond The Images

"Did we just become Best Friends?!" YES. Yes we did. Finding your wedding photographer is so much more than just lusting on their portfolio or enjoying what they're posting on their Instagram stories. It's resonating with them on who they are as a human day-to-day. And that should start from the moment you first inquire. I speak a lot about the importance client connection is to me in my emails with couples inquiring but using this space to share my thoughts so hopefully it can influence you in choosing someone that not only takes beautiful images, but speaks to your heart.

From the moment I first connect with a couple, it's important that I get to know them - and not through a generic questionnaire. The wedding details can be shared later, I want to know who you two are as individuals. Do you like adventure, or do you prefer the close to home adventures? What's your favorite thing to do together? Who wakes up first in the morning? Favorite season of the year? Getting to know you on a personal level is going to help me understand you as a couple, but also allow for me to share what's important in my life so you can interpret how I am as a photographer and human.

Because here's the thing. Our connection is not all based on your wedding day. It's the months and months leading up to it. The texts, phone calls, wedding dress previews, location scouting meetings, engagement shoot, coffee-hangs and everything in between that results in your wedding day becoming an opportunity for me to document two humans that I've grown to love and admire. Bing able to pour pieces of my heart into my work is one of the most beautiful things. And that doesn't happen without the relationship that we chose to bloom over the time leading up to your wedding. It doesn't happen without intention, purpose and emotion.

I am more than just your photographer. I am the human that will share in all of your wedding excitement, the girl that will gush with you about your wedding details coming together.

I am the person that will save space for you and your love to just be. I will accept you - and the love you have for one another at face value, nothing else. I am your friend, your hype girl and the preserver of life's most cherished moments.

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